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Hack for a home office – article from ABC online 31st March

This article was posted by the ABC online on the 31st March, 2020. You can find the original article here.  Working from home during coronavirus shutdown? These hacks may help keep ease the pain of your home office ABC Health & Wellbeing – By Genelle Weule Working from home can be physically and psychologically challenging. (Getty Images: Planet Flem) Kitchen benchtops and dining room tables around Australia have become workspaces as office workers have been advised to work from home in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. Where the opportunity to work from home in your PJs might have once seemed like a treat, the rapid shift to working from home — if that is even an option for you — is challenging. Suddenly, you may find yourself working in the same space as your family, bent over a laptop instead of sitting or standing at a dedicated workstation with ergonomic equipment. The combination of long hours on a laptop on the kitchen table can be both physically and psychologically stressful over the long haul. “It’s worth investing some time thinking about how to make this work to protect your physical and mental wellbeing,” said Jodi Oakman, who leads the Centre for Ergonomics and Human…

Keep it moving – fact sheets from Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute now available

One of the Academic partners on BeUpstanding – Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute – has put together some fantastic resources and fact sheets to help people keep it moving during the pandemic. Below is a snip from their healthy adults fact sheet. They also have fact sheets for people living with heart disease, people living with diabetes, people living with cancer, and older adults. This is just the start of a series of blogs and resources we will be providing to you through our BeUpstanding blog as we adjust to these extra-ordinary times. Stay safe, stay well, be kind – and, if you can – BeUpstanding.